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I recently got FEAR, which has got to be one of the creepiest games I have played in a long time. And I love it. It's not the kind of creepy where stuff randomly jumps out at you, but where it gets under your skin. For example, you're climbing up a ladder in a sewer system, and you see a little girl in a red dress (think Samsara) appear and dissapear. This constant tenseness is magnificently accompanied by an amazing sound track that keeps you relentlessy on your toes.

It's beautifully eerie.

The only reason I'm still playing this game is the brilliant gameplay. The awesome combination of insanely smart A.I. and weapon choice just makes FEAR rock my socks off; Slow-Mo only adds to it.

Case in point: Think Halo 2 mixed with The Ring and Slow-Mo; gun fights close-quarters, slightly repetive enemies, and a spooky atmosphere.

One of the only drawbacks is the costly performance standards. You need to have a formidable card (or two) to run everything at highest quality. Me, with my lowely Pentium-4 1.3 Ghz processor, 768 MB RAM, and G-Force 5200 FX PCI card, can barely run this game at all. However, you can lower the resolution and some rendering options so it actually works on most computers.

All in all, an excellent game, with a distinctive creepiness that'll keep you on your toes, and your heart pounding. If it weren't for the steep hardware resources, this game would get a perfect score.


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