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Requirements for the Airforce

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Sorry about the lack of updates. Busy with all kinds of shit.

Thought that I'd share something. As a person who wants to major in Computer Engineering in college, one, naturally, needs to know a lot about computers. I was watching tv not ten minutes ago, and I see this cop car pull up next to this teen and say, "It crashed." Then the kid says, "Reboot with F8 in Safe Mode." It goes on to say that the Airforce is looking for people like that.

First of all, to anyone who has used a faulty computer, this is necessary info. Safe Mode is the most important WinXP resource available. But if this is all you need to know to be in the Airforce, of all things, just about anyone can get in.

But what even confuses me more is that cop cars use WinXP; that crashes. Man, we should all feel much safer now.

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  1. Anonymous Dukenuke001 

    Hey snipe, long time no see. Speaking of your airforce post, my friend is going in the air force to do that exact job the commercial is talking about. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, nice blog, go to my site and sign my guestbook. Then talk about it here, suggest things if you want. Im finally getting a full understanding of HTML code and web design thanks to my new Microsoft Frontpage program I got. Well, hope to see ya on AIM so we can chat. See ya later,


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