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Just Beat We Love Katamari


Just finished the game in 5 hours or so.

I have to say, this is one fun game. Very innovative, and you can keep playing even after you have beaten it. It starts you out at a maximum of 23 cm Katamari ball, and eventually you can make a 600 M one (you start picking up islands and Ultra Mans).

Gameplay wise, it's a very easy to understand game. Two analog sticks for movement, using L3 and R3 to do extra combos (switching sides, etc.), and the L and R buttons for views. Music wise, this is a masterpiece. Now I'll be humming the songs for the next month.


We <3 Katamari+Xbox 360


Bet you never thought those words would be in the same title. Today I am planning on going to my local EBX to reserve my Xbox 360 and picking up We "Heart" Katamari, the latter of which is bound to be interesting. As a supposedly mature gamer, I was expecting this to be a Gamecube game. I mean, look at the colors, the cheerful music, the simple's got Nintendo written all over it. Only recently I realized it was for PS2. Now, I don't personally own a PS2, my sister does, so I just steal it temporarily. But I digress...

I have been wanting to play Katamari Damacy for a long time, but never got to because it slipped under my radar (which is primarily set for XBox and Gamecube recently). Now, with We Love Katamari, I will get to play the *supposedly* better version.

Skip this section if you already know what Katamari Damacy is about.
The gameplay for Katamari Damacy is quite simple. Push a big Katamari around, slowly gaining size by picking things up such as books and pencils, until you're big enough to pick up people, buildings, trees, and the like. Once you get it to a certain size (say, 30 M) in the time limit, you beat the level. These are just the basics however, as I have not played the game. Hopefully We Love Katamari will be something with great replay value, as I will be showing it to friends and family and all my high neighbors.

Onto the Xbox 360. I expect that, in order to preorder it, I will have to put $40 down (10% of the price). Now for everyone out there that is getting the Core Version of the system:


It comes with this: A 20GB harddrive, wireless controller, headset, and remote. Here's what you get with the Core System: One wired controller.

Let me repeat that.

One WIRED controller and the system.

"But I don't need a 20 GB harddrive, I already have a headset, and the wireless controller and remote is overrated!"
WRONG! If you want to be able to rip all the videos and music and pictures from your computer and still have space left over for downloadable content, you need the 20 GB. If you want to be able to take a crap while playing the game, you need the wireless controller. And the remote speaks for itself.
So if you need to work overtime at RadioShack to get the Media system, do that. That way, you won't be the only one on the block without one.


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